We have set ourselves the goal of making you proud of the coffee you drink, so we want to explain, with two strokes, why you ARE different when you choose Balancilla …

Excellence in bean selection:

You are drinking a cup of coffee that has been made from selected beans in different coffee-producing countries.

The Arabica variety we choose is grown in Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Jamaica, Ethiopia, Kenya and Papua New Guinea, while the Robusta variety is produced in Vietnam, India and Uganda.

You should know that selecting the right green bean has a direct impact on the taste of the coffee you eat, as the size and colour of the bean, which indicates its moisture, must also be uniform for roasting.

For this reason, we regularly visit the plantations where the beans we buy are produced, to learn first-hand how our green coffee is grown, collected, stored and selected.

A genuine way of roasting…

We want to provide you with a coffee roasted over a low heat, by variety or origin, and without adding water. An artisan and unique roasting that makes Cafes Balancilla different.

If we give so much importance to the selection of a quality green bean, uniform in origin, it is for two main reasons:

One is that we roast each variety and origin separately, which allows us to extract from each one, its full potential of fragrance, body and taste. And the other is that we roast over a low heat so that each coffee bean is cooked on the outside and the inside, thus developing its full nutritional cycle and optimising all its organoleptic properties.


This genuine way of roasting over a low heat and for each variety and origin separately, which we then masterfully combine – the fruit of our experience and training – allows us to serve you a coffee with aromas, flavour and nuances of great purity and quality.

Furthermore, at no time during the roasting process do we add water or steam to our coffee, a common practice in the sector to fatten up the bean that is put on sale.

And why don’t we do it? Very simple: the roasting process consists of extracting humidity from the coffee until a homogenous bean is obtained, with very specific characteristics according to each variety. If we add water, we are reversing the process, worsening the quality and accelerating the process of oxidation of the coffee, not to mention the extra weight gained in the bean that, far from bringing in, only remains in your pocket.

Product control and traceability

Balancilla produces a quality and genuine coffee, and also incorporates a working and roasting method that provides a control of the product from the plantation to your cup and vice versa.

The control and traceability of the coffee bean allows us to learn from the process, evolve in knowledge and improve our product, while giving an increase in security to the whole process.

Committed to the environment, a company and an Ecofriendly product.

We are a traditional roaster who is sensitive to the environment, which is why our cooking method does not incorporate water at any time during the process and consequently we do not dump waste into the local waters. Did you know that this is precisely what causes the greatest ecological impact in the coffee industry?

In addition, our Caffa, Kaldi and Gwadenya coffees are packed in certified compostable capsules and we are determined to contribute to a greener and more sustainable economy by contributing our bean of… coffee to the planet.


“When you understand what you drink and the coffee has been made taking advantage of all its virtues and in an artisanal way, you enjoy a unique and memorable moment”