ABOL, TONA and BARAKA soare our coffees for the hotel industry.
Our master formulas, fruit of more than 40 years of roasting experience and the conscientious study of the coffee culture, provide your business with a distinguished and high quality coffee that will be appreciated by your customers.

We take great care with the product and customer service, if you identify yourself with this philosophy, contact us.

DJÄBÄNA. Our star blend in the hospitality industry is composed of 7 of the best Arabica coffees in the world.

We pack our coffee in a compostable bag made of kraft paper, ecofriendly with a special inner layer to maintain the aromas of our freshly roasted coffee. The package has a compostable degassing valve to allow gases to escape without oxygen entering, thus preventing oxidation of the coffee and possible deterioration of aromas and flavours. Provided with a self-closing device to perfectly seal the bag after each use.

In Cafes Balancilla we have the pleasure to offer you this coffee, fruit of a rigorous selection in origin of our beans, a system of traditional roasting to slow fire and all the illusion of our team.

Its aroma, body and acidity give it exceptional and unique characteristics for the hotel and catering sector.


The first cup that comes out of the coffee beans is known as Abol. It is the most important, the one with the strongest taste, the most aromatic and the most complex body. If those present are gathered together to solve a problem, this cup symbolises conflict, reflection on it and dialogue between the parties. All those who drink must give in to try anf see the other’s perspective, or to respect the person next to them. It is also a cup for socializing and showing respect for the guest and the host.


The second, softer cup is the Tona. Water is added to the infusion but it is still a coffee loaded with aromas and taste. It is the moment to reach a solution, a resolution to the problem presented, or simply a conclusion to the issue of the day. Only then can you move on to taste the third and final cup. Usually small salty bites are such as seeds, popcorn or nuts are served to go with it.


The end of the ceremony materializes in that third, much lighter cup of coffee called Baraka. Because it is so soft, it symbolizes the acceptance of the other and the joy and harmony of the shared moment. It is a joyful drink to which the youngest and children who have not yet participated in the full ceremony, are usually invited to participate. It symbolizes the feeling of community and the common identity of the group.


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