In order to offer you the best coffees, we insist on excellence in each phase of the coffee production process:


CAFFA, KALDI and GWADENYA are traditionally roasted coffees that have all the flavour and aroma of a traditional coffee. They are also packaged in certified compostable capsules because we are firmly determined to contribute to a greener and more sustainable economy by offering our… coffee to the planet.

The legendary origin of coffee indissolubly links to the name of the land of Caffa, where our plant originated, and the name of Kaldi, a goat herder from the Ethiopian region to whom we owe its discovery.

One fine morning, Kaldi noticed that his animals were behaving with unaccustomed vivacity and were swirling around a red fruit bush. Not having ever seen that plant before, and finding that its effects were more of a heavenly thing than of this world, the shepherd decided to take some branches with him to a neighbouring monastery.

There, the monks of Caffa became so suspicious of berries of such intense colour and power that they condemned them to the fire without even examining them.

A little later, as the berries were roasted inside, a warm aroma would gradually spread into all the rooms in the monastery. The richness of that fragrance soon dispelled any doubts in their minds. And from then on, those monks did not stop until they had transferred to the palate, that unmistakable perfume and their wonderful gifts, which would inscribe the names of Kaldi and Caffa in the legend.
But, as they say, that is history now.


ABOL, TONA and BARAKA are our coffees for the hotel industry.
Our master formulas, fruit of more than 40 years of roasting experience and the conscientious study of the coffee culture, provide your business with a distinguished and high quality coffee that will be appreciated by your customers.
We take great care with the product and customer service, if you identify yourself with this philosophy, then contact us.

In Cafes Balancilla we have the pleasure to offer you this coffee, fruit of a rigorous selection in origin of our beans, a system of traditional roasting to slow fire and all the illusion of our team.

Its aroma, body and acidity give it exceptional and unique characteristics for the hotel and catering sectors.

At the Djäbäna Buna or coffee ceremony, in Ethiopia. The first cup that comes out of the coffee beans is known as Abol. It is the most important, the one with the strongest taste, the most aromatic and the most complex body. If those present are gathered together to solve a problem, this cup symbolises conflict, reflection on it and dialogue among the parties. All those who drink must give in to try and see the other’s perspective, or to respect the person next to them. It is also a cup for socializing and showing respect for the guest and the host.

The second, softer cup is the Tona. Water is added to the infusion but it is still a coffee loaded with aromas and taste. It is the moment to achieve a solution, a resolution to the problem presented, or simply a conclusion to the issue of the day. Only then can you move on to taste the third and final cup. Usually small salty bites such as seeds, popcorn or nuts are served to go with it.

The end of the ceremony materializes in that third, much lighter cup of coffee called Baraka. Because it is so soft, it symbolizes the acceptance of the other and the joy and harmony of the shared moment. It is a joyful drink to which the youngest and children who have not yet participated in the full ceremony are usually invited to participate. It symbolizes the feeling of community and the common identity of the group.


In Cafés Balancilla,
we prepare a coffee that optimizes the aromas and flavors of each variety separately through an artisan roast