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In order to offer you the best coffees, we strive for excellence at every stage of the coffee-making process.

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· Short or espresso coffees
· Blend of arabica and robusta
· 10 Capsules

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· Long, milk or American coffees
· Blend of arabica and robusta coffees
· 10 Capsules


· Decaffeinated
· 100% Natural
· 10 Capsules



Cafés Balancilla is a traditional and Eco friendly coffee roaster that roasts on a slow fire, by origins and without adding water to the process.

Our unique way of roasting allows us to extract all the organoleptic properties of each bean, which has been previously selected from the best harvests, and provide you with a coffee with an authentic and evocative aroma and flavour.

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OUR Product

In order to offer you the best coffees, we strive for excellence in every step of the coffee production process:

· In the selection of quality beans, homogeneous in size, thickness and humidity.
· In a roasting process separated by origin and without adding water.
· In a close customer relationship and technical service.

We have a wide range of products and a variety of proposals for all tastes: Specialty coffees, 100% natural compostable coffee capsules, infusions, and all the accessories and spare parts to make the most of our products.

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canal horeca

Balancilla cuenta con una experiencia de más de 25 años tostando de forma artesanal un café apreciado y diferenciado claramente en el canal HORECA. Nuestro control de calidad y trazabilidad hace de nuestro café un producto diferencial.

  • Producto de máxima calidad.
  • Servicio técnico de cercanía y máxima disponibilidad.
  • Formación para nuestros clientes.

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